About the rezoning

There is no certainty that animal experimentation will occur at St. Paul’s Hospital – but it is a possibility.

St. Paul’s Hospital is moving to a part of the False Creek Flats north of the Pacific Central Station along Main Street.

The Hospital requires rezoning from Vancouver City Council to legally permit its requested land uses.

A new hospital complex will be wonderful for the City, but one of the land uses requested is “laboratory”.  The rezoning application shows two buildings dedicated to research purposes.

The Hospital has advised the City:

“It’s a little too early to talk about the precise research plans at the future St. Paul’s Health Campus, as those considerations haven’t been finalized and it’s not determined whether there will be any research activities requiring laboratory animals.”

As this wording indicates, there is no certainty that animal experimentation will occur at the new St. Paul’s Hospital – but it is a possibility.  If animal experimentation occurs, it is unknown which types of animals will be used.

Animal experimentation is not only horrifically cruel, but it is not effective for human medical advances.  Non-animal research is cheaper, faster, human-relevant, and humane.  See “Alternatives to Animal Experimentation

Furthermore, the Hospital is required by law to comply with its Constitution, which requires “compassionate research”.

The City of Vancouver has advised that the rezoning bylaw will likely be drafted in the summer of 2019 with the rezoning bylaw to be adopted in the fall of 2019.  Before the rezoning bylaw can be adopted, Council is required by law to hold a public hearing and consider the views of the public.  You have the opportunity to influence Council to rezone the land such that animal experimentation is not permitted in the hospital laboratories, and we urge you to do so. See “Voice Your Opinion to the City”

To learn more about the rezoning and to view the rezoning application submitted to the City, go to https://rezoning.vancouver.ca/applications/1002station/index.htm

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If Vancouver City Council rezones the land without addressing this issue, the residents of Vancouver will have permanently lost the ability to prohibit animal experimentation on this land.