Rezoning for Animals

St. Paul’s Hospital requires rezoning from Vancouver City Council for its new site.   The Hospital has not yet decided whether experimentation with animals will occur in the hospital laboratories.  Animal experimentation is horrifically cruel – animals may be burned, poisoned, starved, electric-shocked, brain damaged and infected with disease.  Furthermore, animal testing is not effective for human medical advances – we now have sophisticated, human-relevant alternatives.  Whether you live in Vancouver or not, please help persuade Vancouver City Council to prohibit animal experimentation at the new Hospital. 

Sadly, on November 5, 2019, Vancouver City Council voted to approve the rezoning of the new St. Paul’s Hospital with full permission for animal experimentation.  The final adoption of the rezoning is likely to be a mere formality once the Hospital has completed all the rezoning conditions.  This means that the public no longer has an opportunity to influence Council in this matter.  However, we put up a good fight – and many seeds were planted in the public consciousness.